Workin’ it

Its been nearly a year since I took a shelf space/concession at the quirkiest shop I think I’ve ever been in! The Bean Hive, Kettering.

I’m so lucky to have this little gem on my doorstep, and even luckier that I got a spot as a Trader there.

When I was first thinking about taking the shelf space, I felt really anxious about the monthly shift in the shop that is required as part of the rent. I’m so glad I ignored my anxiety. I’ve managed to keep up with the sewing hours needed to keep the business ticking along, and I really love doing my shift. Being self-employed as a one-woman-band can be quite isolating, it’s great to get out and mingle, swap ideas, help each other with behind the scenes business stuff and have a good giggle.

I always manage to pick up unusual cards, quirky gifts, and little things for our home, mainly plant pots for my ever growing collection of plants.

If you are local and you haven’t been in yet, you totally should!

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