Re-growing Veg Scraps

I’ve been regrowing food from my vegetable scraps for a little while now, and had some great success!

I’ve started a little scrap garden on my windowsill now, it’s very easy, and can save lots of money too.

This is my pak choi, it started sprouting the same day that I put the bulb into water.

So basically you just put the bottom of the vegetable into water, leave it somewhere with good light, and change the water every couple of days.

It words really well with spring onions, leeks, pak choi, romaine lettuce, and I am trying some different things with celery as I haven’t had much success with that. I’m trying leaving a little few stalks in the middle to see if it encourages regrowth!

I am going to try some other veg soon, like carrots so I will do another Blog post once I have more to share!

Thanks for reading, and happy growing!

Bec 🖤

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