Library Love

I’ve been taking my 3 year old daughter to the library for something to do since she was very small, and getting books out here and there. Usually hanging on to them for longer than we should; and not really making use of them.

But in the last year we have made much more use of our local libraries and their resources. We head there once or twice a month, return a huge bag of books and then take home another huge bag. Its a great way to cut down on our consumption and waste, even if that is resource rather than items ending up in landfill.

It has so many benefits, it’s free, books don’t become another item we own that we have to store somewhere, it gives my daughter access to amazing stories, extra words, it improves her vocabulary, gives us time together, and she loves to return the books using the self service machine. There also some really fab toys and a little museum in one of our local libraries.

I love seeing all of the date stamps too, and how far they go back, I always think how many children have got enjoyment from just one book. This book for instance has been taken out so many times, instead of us all buying the same book and them sitting on a shelf somewhere.

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