Learning to sew again

I started to learn to sew last Summer. Until then it had been a long time since I had used a machine...

I wasn't a massive fan of school in general, and sewing classes were no exception! I think I had one rather large cigarette themed draught excluder to show for all of the lessons (I actually went to!) there.

I did a little bit in my teens with my Grandma (who was a whizz) but not enough to remember an of it.

Last year I decided to learn again, I just wanted to learn to use a machine so I could fix things, instead of doing a bad job by hand.

I looked at evening classes, but that didn't work with my commitments and family life, so I joined a local sewing group.

The first session I hired a machine and just practiced threading it, and doing different stitches.

The second lesson I used a machine that was for sale, and made a little drawstring bag, I loved the machine so much that I bought it that day...a 1950s Singer 99K.

The third lesson was my last (for now) and I went with an idea to make reusable sandwich bags for my daughter and I to use, I thought maybe I'd eventually make some for Christmas presents.

People were always commenting on the ones I had made, so it gave me the idea to sell them, having recently been made redundant I was also looking for work.

I have been sewing everyday since, and feel really lucky that Planet Picnic has taken off so well...I LOVE sewing, and running a small business, and it fits so perfectly around family life.

Thanks for reading :)


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